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Publish Academy Review And Bonus – Learn how to use your passion to create a successful and profitable business By Anik Singal.


Product Name: Publish Academy
Creator: Anik Singal
Price: Gold level – $797 or Platinum level – $1997 (or 3 payments of $797)
Date of Launch: October 13th 2015
Rating: 5 Stars – This is not to be missed!
Official Website:

What is Publish Academy? Is it really worth it?

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Who is Anik Singal?

If you don’t currently know who Anik is, you NEED to! He is among the most successful and prolific online marketers around. Email marketing is Anik’s forte and his ability in this area of marketing has made him millions of dollars. He was named in Business Week’s top 3 young business owners, and this was while he was still under 25 years old!
Anik has trained over 150 thousand online marketers – many of whom are names you’d recognize in the internet marketing world.

What is Publish Academy about?

Firstly, let me say that Publish Academy is an entirely new course which has not been released yet, so there is no full review available as NO ONE has seen the finished product but the best bit about working with Anik, is that he is constantly updating his training to include what is working RIGHT NOW. What I can say is that Anik decided to developed ‘Publish Academy‘ as a result of the feedback he received from his students who purchased his Profit Academy course.

In Publish Academy, Anik shows you how you can make money from the things you are most passionate about through, what he calls, ‘digital publishing’. The crux of the product is to show people how to do exactly what Anik does, take your hobby or passion, and turn it into a real, solid, sustainable online business even if it is eCommerce.

Not only does he cover every aspect of building a digital publishing business, from creating your product, to building a funnel, getting the traffic and everything in between but he also provides all the tools, community and ongoing support that you could possibly need. This really is a comprehensive program. If you are specifically interested in building a list of email subscribers, then we would recommend you check out our Connect Leads review. With this all new software you can build a huge list, right within Facebook.

It’s appropriate for anyone from totally newbie, to the budding online entrepreneur. Let’s face it, everyone is interested in making more money. Publish Academy goes far beyond your standard info product, in it, Anik has really gone all out. There will be weekly live webinars with Q&A sessions, constantly manned forums, live events, bundles of software and tools, and much more. The value for money is amazing!

Here’s what you will get in this course:

  • Video Training – There will be 7 modules of video training which make up the main course.
  • Open Coaching Availability – You will receive 90 days open Q&As and coaching access
  • Members Only Community – Reach out to other members on the private members only forum
  • Weekend Workshops – This is exclusively for platinum members only, Anik will be hosting online workshops over 3 weekends which are interactive
  • Skills Training Academy – You will get guided skills training for a full 90 days so that you can learn basic skills needed fast (if you don’t already have them)
  • Traffic Academy – Learn how to drive both paid and free traffic to your digital properties
  • Brain Tank – Each month Anik will pick the brains in an in depth interview of an expert in IM or digital publishing so you get to see how they run their business
  • Experts By Association – Learn how to use the expertise of others to create a digital product in 10 days or less
  • Safe Hire – Get access to Aniks personal list of go to resources e.g copywriters, programmers etc
  • Niche Detective – Find out which niches are the most profitable, which products to promote and more (huge time saver)
  • Copy And Paste Business Models – You will get a behind the scenes view of some of Aniks most profitable business models which you can copy and implement in your own business

Platinum Members Bonuses

  • Software Front Line Club – Get new software for FREE (never pay for it)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access – Once you have graduated from the Publish Academy course, you will get access to this private Facebook group which is made up of Anik’s most successful students, including millionaires
  • Expert Review Board – Get your website, funnels etc reviewed by Anik and his expert team and receive invaluable feedback
  • VIP Priority Support
  • Founding Member Status



How much is Publish Academy?

There are two different levels of subscription to this course, Gold or Platinum. The Gold level will be a one time cost of $797 whereas the Platinum is $1997. As Anik does not do ‘artificial scarcity‘, you can be guaranteed that you WILL NOT be able to get Publish Academy after the 22nd October.

Final points

This is a highly recommended and anticipated course. You have probably heard something about it, that’s why you ended up here, but it’s not just hype. Anik always delivers with his programs, that’s why he is one of the most respected marketers. He is proof that it is possible to make an excellent living online, doing what you love and, if you follow his teachings and take action, you too will be successful.

To make money online, it does not make sense to re-invent the wheel. Follow proven systems, executed by excellent online marketers and you will succeed. Anik is one of the genuine internet marketers and his training will certainly help you get REAL SUCCESS with building an online business.

I hope this Publish Academy review has actually assisted in your decision process, I personally have discovered a lot about email marketing from Anik, being one of his students. I would highly advise you to check this out!


Get your copy of Anik’s book while you still can. Click the link below to obtain your copy of Passion To Profit and learn more about Publish Academy.

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Thank you for reading our Publish Academy Review – unfortunately this program is now closed, but if you are looking for ways to get started making money online then perhaps you would like to check out our CPA Evolution 2 Review


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