Super Affiliate System Review by John Crestani

Super Affiliate System Review – Become a top affiliate marketer with super affiliate John Crestani.

Product Name: Super Affiliate System
Creator: John Crestani
Price: $4997
Rating: This is a highly recommended mastermind for anyone serious about becoming a top affiliate marketer!
Official Website:

What is the Super Affiliate System & who is John Crestani? We answer all your questions in our Super Affiliate System review.

Have you ever wanted to start earning a full time income online? Don’t know where to start? There are so many ways to make money on the internet that sometimes it can be difficult to decide which path to take. From SEO to CPA marketing and everything in between, it is truly an open market. So how do you decide where to begin?

Whatever you choose, you will have to learn about that type of marketing in order to become good at it. You can’t just decide today that you want to be an affiliate marketer and expect to be earning a decent income tomorrow. You have to learn you craft.

Super Affiliate System provides an easy ­to ­follow course helping people become successful paid traffic affiliate marketers in 12 weeks, as well as providing them with templates of audiences, ads, and landing pages to use in their promotions. The program takes students through 12 weeks, and over 50 hours worth, of videos explaining the affiliate marketing process, from start to finish.

The first few weeks of the course involve basics, such as giving students a complete understanding of the business model, the mentality required, how to setup tracking software and domains, and how to create landing pages for the offers they want to promote. The next few weeks of the course go over how to use the major traffic sources, Adwords, Facebook, and native advertising. As affiliate himself, John has had, and will show, profitable affiliate campaigns he’s launched on all these traffic source. The last few weeks of the course go over optimization, scaling affiliate campaigns to then tens of thousands per day, and ways to outsource/hire labor.

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What will you learn over the 12 week course? Super Affiliate System Features Overview

Below are the components of the included in the SuperAffiliateSystem:

  1. The 12 Week SuperAffiliateSystem training program, including 12 modules.
  2. 12 Live Q&A calls with the SuperAffiliateSystem team
  3. Slack mastermind group
  4. SuperAffiliateSystem members forum
  5. Custom audiences email lists of buyers to use in Facebook advertising
  6. Ad swipe file and landing page templates for all major nutra niches
  7. Over­the­shoulder video walkthroughs of live campaigns

These can be boiled down to 4 Core Features,​which include:

  1. Training
  2. DFY Ad Campaigns
  3. Mastermind
  4. Community

Core Feature #1 ­ Training

The entire training course is 12 weeks long, with over 50 hours worth of content, daily homework assignments, and weekly quizzes. We have worked extremely hard to make the course a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing, but also to hold the students accountable for their learning, since we found that every single student that does not find success with SAS, has not actually gone through all the course material. My dedication, as a teacher, is not just presenting expert material, but is also in ensuring that all my students learn, grow, and ultimately succeed in reaching their goals.

Module 1: Basics of Affiliate Marketing

In Week 1, we cover the basics of affiliate marketing.

The topics covered are:

  • The basics of affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketer blogs to follow
  • Why Promote Nutraceuticals?
  • The different types of affiliate marketers
  • The different types of paid advertising
  • The best affiliate networks to work with
  • Student case studies/interviews
Module 2: Clicktracking Setup & Choosing Your Niche

In Week 2, everything in regards to the technical setup of clicktrackers, domains, and everything else that is foundational to paid traffic is gone over.

The topics gone over are:

  • Course expectations
  • Introduction to the Super Affiliate System
  • How to setup domain/hosting/clicktracking/postback pixels
  • The affiliate marketing business model
  • Affiliate marketing verticals
  • Technical skills you need to learn
  • Masterminding and JVs
  • Affiliate networking and conferences
Module 3: Required Tools and Software

In Week 3, we cover everything regarding how to properly research, required tools to be a successful affiliate marketer, as well as some of the minor technical issues that people run into.

The topics gone over are:

  • How to fully utilize the StackThatMoney forum
  • Understanding user intent
  • Working with your affiliate manager
  • Different types of landing pages
  • Troubleshooting postback pixels
  • Required tools for affiliate marketing
  • Where to start as an affiliate
  • Roundtable: How to choose where to start
  • Super­affiliate guest talk
Module 4: Creating & Finding Landing Pages

In Week 4, landing pages are covered in depth. Landing pages, and other types of pre­sell pages are the backbone of internet marketing, and therefore we do live walkthroughs of myself finding landing pages to use as influence for the students own marketing skills.

The topics gone over are:

  • Affiliate research process
  • Competitor research tactics
  • Roundtable: Research tactics
  • Finding landers masterclass
  • Finding and ripping landers
  • Finding skincare advertorials
  • Finding international advertorials
  • Finding Spanish diet landers
  • 6 elements of a good sales page
  • Facebook page creation case study
  • Landing page setup case study
Module 5: Facebook Ads

In Week 5, Facebook ads are covered in extreme depth. There are a number of very intensive case studies that are presented, where John goes on to make 2000/day in one niche, 15,000/day in another niche, and $35,000/day in yet another niche. The content, tactics, and techniques in this section of the course are meant to help form the backbone of students own efforts in pushing ads as an affiliate marketer.

The topics gone over are:

  • Landing page setup case study
  • Staying compliant on Facebook
  • Facebook advertising case study
  • Facebook ad creation case study
  • Facebook data analysis
  • Creating Facebook ads case study
Module 6: Google Adwords

In Week 6, Google Adwords targeting, retargeting, optimization, ad copy, and scaling are all covered, with three separate niches being used as case­study material. A profitable campaign that does over $2000/day, and has been running for 3 years is used as an additional case study.

The topics gone over are:

  • Adwords course introduction
  • Adwords targeting part 1
  • Adwords targeting part 2
  • Adwords targeting part 3
  • Adwords ad copy
  • Adwords landers
  • Adwords optimization
  • Adwords remarketing
Module 7: Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques & Live Campaigns

In Week 7, we continue talking about Facebook ad tactics and techniques, as well as some advanced topics covering optimization.

The topics gone over are:

  • Important areas of optimization for affiliate marketers
  • Mobile specific optimizations
  • Hidden optimizations to pay attention to
  • Dealing with click fraud and click loss
  • Ad optimization case study
  • 5 Facebook ad optimization case studies
  • 6 more ad optimization case studies
Module 8: Overcoming Failure

In Week 8, we expose the students to the biggest reasons why affiliate marketers fail, and how they overcome failure. Since inevitably most ad campaigns will be failures, this is an important topic to address, that many other courses leave out. We talk about productivity tips, how to maintain focus, and how to ‘fail forward’, so that each failed campaign becomes the basis for a future winning one.

The topics gone over are:

  • Why people fail in affiliate marketing
  • Roundtable: Why people fail in affiliate marketing
  • Time management and productivity hacks
  • Roundtable: Productivity hacks
  • The success mentality
  • The entrepreneur mindset
  • Millionaire fastlane book notes
  • Affiliate sharktank: team exercise
Module 9: Advanced Copywriting Techniques

In Week 9, copywriting is covered in­depth.

The topics gone over are:

  • Advanced landing page techniques
  • Sales page copywriting part 1
  • Sales page copywriting part 2
  • Copywriting techniques I use
  • Guest talk: How to write advertorials
  • Guest talk: How I make money with advertorials
  • Skincare research and finding angles
  • Super­ affiliate guest talk – copywriting
Module 10: Native Advertising & Optimization

In Week 10, native ad networks such as Taboola, Outbrain, Contentad, and others are talked about. John has made almost $1mm as an affiliate using native ad networks, and this is a major untapped goldmine, especially for affiliates pushing nutraceutical products, or other large niches.

The topics gone over are:

  • Increasing profit margins on your affiliate campaigns
  • How to scale a profitable affiliate campaign
  • Native advertising case studies
  • Native ad case setup case study
  • Walkthrough of 6 native ad networks
  • Media buying talk
Module 11: Building a Team & Scaling Campaigns

In Week 11, The topics gone over are:

  • How to outsource as an affiliate marketer
  • Roundtable: Outsourcing
  • Working with web designers
  • Working with web developers
  • How to hire media buyers
  • How to manage media buyers
  • Beyond affiliate marketing
  • Super­affiliate guest talk – product ownership
Module 12: Summary / Super­Affiliate Interviews

In Week 12, we interview notable super­affiliates who have made large amounts of cash as affiliate marketers. We delve into their success, and failures, to understand their mentality, and where the opportunities lie today.

Here is a sneak peak at what the inside of the course looks like in the members area:


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Core Feature #2 ­ Ready Made Ad Campaigns

Our {Ready2Launch} campaigns are templates for students that include everything you need to setup an ad campaign, from the audience targeting (for Facebook), to the affiliate ads that are running profitably, to landing pages that are running profitably, to the top offers.

Here is a sneak peak at what one of the Ready2Launch campaigns looks like:


Core Feature #3 ­ Mastermind

The purpose of the mastermind is to help connect like-­minded affiliates in all phases of their journey, so they can chat with each other on specific traffic sources, and share ads, landers, and other affiliate marketing related materials that they come across. Slack is an amazing platform for masterminds, and also allows the uploading and sharing of files in a very easy to use, searchable way, and gives people the ability to interact with each other in real time, that allows a true sense of community to form. Slack also allows members to direct­ message each other, to form partnerships, and other opportunities that make people really happy, especially in a high-ticket educational product such as this.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the Slack mastermind looks like:


Core Feature #4 ­ Community Forum

Our community isn’t merely a forum. Its a place where students can receive advice from experts, in an organized, easy to follow fashion. Myself, and my team, are very active in replying to messages in the forum, so that people get the support they need. The forum is very neatly integrated with the course, and we encourage members to post messages, and their campaigns in the forum, as well as reply to others where value can be added.

Here is a sneak peak of the community forum:


Why John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System gets our recommendation

Well whether you’ve heard of him or not, hes a pretty big person in the affiliate marketing industry, he’s generated over $2mm in affiliate commissions using Facebook ads alone. He may be pretty underground and low-key but John is no doubt an experienced super affiliate. Just look at a screenshot of some of his recent earnings below:

The best thing about John is that he’s straight down-to-business. Transparent and straightforward. Right now he’s looking to work with a small cadre of people, to pass along his affiliate marketing knowledge to, and to work with him on his network. If you want to succeed with affiliate marketing and you get an opportunity like this, you take it. These sorts of opportunities don’t come often. I understand that at $4997, this course is not cheap, which means it’s not for everyone. But that is a good thing. At this price point, not everyone will have access to this kind of information and it also means that John can feel more confident sharing some of his ‘trade secrets’ with you.It also means that only those who are serious action takers will join. This type of course teaches you everything you need to know to realistically be able to make millions. It is much cheaper than a university degree and will enable you to make more money.
If you are one of those action takers, and you are ready to learn how to make huge amounts of money online, then the first step is to fill out the application.
Next watch the webinar John has on his process. He wants to see if you’re going to be a good fit for working with his team…
…but if you’re looking for a way to work with the absolute best in affiliate marketing, this is it.
Fill out the application here to get access to his webinar –> Click Here


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