List Academy Review And Bonus

Find out the real truth about Anik’s List Academy in this comprehensive review with bonus.

Product: List Academy
Creators: Anik Singal (Profit Academy)
Price: $997
Rating: 5 stars

So, who is Anik Singal?

anik singal list academy review and bonusIf you don’t already know who Anik is, you need to! He is one of the most successful and prolific internet marketers around. Email marketing is Anik’s forte and his skill in this area has made him millions of dollars. In fact, he was named in Business Week‘s top 3 young entrepreneurs, and this was while he was still under 25!

Anik has trained over 150,000 internet marketers – some of whom are now ‘big names’ in the online world.



What is List Academy about?

Anik built ‘List Academy’ as an answer to many of his students #1 question. “Once I have a list, what do I do with it?

In this product, Anik shows you exactly how HE promotes to his lists – and you will learn:

  • What types of emails should you send?
  • What products you should promote
  • How you can convert your list into paying customers

It doesn’t matter if it’s high ticket items, medium ticket or even low ticket – Anik shows you EXACTLY how to monetize your list!

Here’s exactly what you will learn in this course:

  1. The Foundation – this is crucial to your success with the system as you will learn what it takes to build an email list that will generate traffic and sales anytime you mail them.
  2. The Relationship – you’ll get to see every kind of email that Anik is sending to his own email list to build a relationship that allows him to earn $1 per subscriber per month (e.g 2,500 subscribers = $2,500 per month!)
  3. Conversion Techniques – learn how to turn up the profits by converting more of your traffic and subscribers into commissions with Anik’s advanced conversion strategies.

How much does List Academy cost?

The prelaunch begins on 18th July with the cart officially opening on the 23rd. Membership will cost a one time fee of $997. This product will be available for you to purchase up until the 2nd August 2015 and then the cart will be closed. As Anik doesn’t do false scarcity, you can be assured that you WILL NOT be able to get List Academy after the 2nd.

Final thoughts

Anik is one of the few internet marketers to specifically put together a course on how to monetize your email lists. Others show you how to build that list but once you have a list of subscribers, what do you do with it?

Anik shows you how to monetize it and make 300% more money from your list than you currently do. You’ll get his personal input as to how to build your list from the very beginning so that you are building a relationship with your subscribers too. Anik has personally used these strategies to make 8 figures.

To make money online, it doesn’t make sense to re-invent the wheel. Follow proven systems, implemented by trusted marketers and you will succeed. Anik is the real deal and his tools and training will help you get REAL RESULTS with your email marketing strategies.

I hope my List Academy review and bonus has helped you decide, I personally have learned a lot from Anik, being one of his students myself. I would highly recommend you pick this up!

How to get List Academy before carts close:

anik singal the email lifelineAt the moment Anik is giving away FREE copies of his eBook and in it, he gives away his 3 biggest secrets to really cranking your email marketing profits.

You’ll discover:
– How he took a promo that did $60k in commissions, applied his “event marketing strategy” to it, then promoted it to the SAME LIST 6 months later for $600k commissions!

Click here to get your copy while you still can!

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