iPro Academy 2.0 Review And Bonus

iPro Academy 2.0 Review And Bonus.


Product Name: iPro Academy 2.0
Creator: Fred Lam
Price: $1997
Date of Launch: March 8th 2016
Rating: Two thumbs up for this course!
Official Website: iProAcademy2.0.com

At this time iPro Academy 2.0 is no longer open but if you are looking to build a sustainable online business, we highly recommend 100k Factory Revolution. Check out our 100k Factory Revolution review here.

What is Fred Lam’s iPro Academy 2.0 about? Is it really worth it? Keep reading our iPro Academy 2.0 review to find out.

Thanks for stopping by our iPro Academy 2.0 review. We hope to answer any questions you may have about this course and help you make an informed decision as to whether or not it is for you.

iPro Academy is THE definitive course for getting unlimited and targeted website traffic from ALL the major players — All while slashing your ad costs by ONE HALF or more!

It’s a structured program that you can run at your own pace. In the course, you are set up for success with a community, training, coaches, as well as Fred’s own million-dollar insights. Here’s just some of the things you will learn in the course:

  • Learn a never-revealed strategy to get maximum traffic from the largest websites in the world for literally PENNIES on the dollar!
  • Buy low-cost, high-quality traffic from Google while easily complying with their many rules and regulations!
  • Master all types of Facebook advertising to deliver qualified traffic that’s ready to buy!
  • Gain access to 2 MILLION MORE websites to advertise on through the Google platform!
  • Get HUNDREDS even THOUSANDS of clicks a day — An unfair advantage to grow your business faster and cheaper than anyone else!

Who Is Fred Lam?

fred_lamFor over 10 years, Fred Lam has been one of the most sought-after media buyers in the internet marketing world. As a consultant to some of today’s largest corporations, Fred has spent millions of dollars on advertising while saving them exponentially more.

Through a network of inside contacts, Fred’s clients benefit from exclusive data, coaching, and training from the highest decision makers at all the major traffic sources. When it comes to bringing high-quality traffic, Fred Lam delivers them for pennies on the dollar.


Right now Fred is giving away a FREE copy of his book ‘The Traffic Trilogy’ which reveals his 3 secrets to getting unlimited targeted traffic for pennies on the dollar. It is definitely worth a read and you will learn something, even if you are already familiar with traffic getting. Click the link below to get your copy now.

>>Get The Traffic Trilogy Book By Fred Lam FREE Now!<<



Our iPro Academy 2 review

During this launch Fred is doing a series of free traffic workshops, teaching you how to use Facebook, Google, Bing and other paid traffic sources to build a profitable online business, after all, if you are not getting any traffic to your sites, you will not make any money. It is important to learn and master traffic getting as it is the super power online.

The first of the traffic workshops Fred shows you how to use a secret Facebook feature to get unlimited traffic for pennies on the dollar! Watch the full replay here: https://savvymarketer.wpengine.com/ipro-academy-workshop-1-replay



The next workshop in this series is specifically about Google traffic and this workshop will be live on Sunday March 13th at 8:00pm ET (New York Time) – if you can attend make sure you do as Fred will be revealing some Google insider secrets on how to legally “steal” qualified visitors from over 2 Million websites.

To register for this workshop click the link below:

>>Register for Fred’s Google Workshop<<


The final in the three part series of workshops will be conducted on Wednesday March 16th at 8:00pm EST (New York Time). In this workshop, Fred will show you:

  • The 3 Underground Strategies To Turn Investment Traffic Into Profit!
  • How to Launch Your Online Business From Zero To $100k Per Year* Even With Zero Experience
  • The Secret To Having Your Customers Pay For Your Traffic

This event will not be recorded.

To register for this workshop (you really don’t want to miss this one) click the link directly below:

>>Register for Workshop number 3<<


Our iPro Academy 2.0 Bonus

As always, we try to put together bonuses that we feel will actually be additional help to our customers and their businesses. We want you to succeed and know all too well how frustrating it is to be trying to make internet marketing ‘work’. There are so many products out there that it becomes confusing and difficult to separate the good products from the bad. On our site, we only review what we feel are great products, ones that will actually help you finally achieve the success online that you want. iPro Academy 2 by Fred Lam is definitely one of the better products online even still, if you truly are serious about online marketing then you must:


  • Take Action – Every success story started with that one single action. Will you put in the owrk?
  • Believe In Yourself – Nothing kills success faster than doubt. If you can’t get rid of it, just ease your mind with the 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Be Hungry For Success – If you want it bad enough, it will happen. All you need is the right tool.
  • Do The Work – iPro Academy doesn’t require 8 or even 4 hours a day to work. However, you need to spend at least half an hour a day on creating campaigns to see success fast.
  • Get the Traffic Flowing – Don’t be afraid to start. Choose one of the methods in the course and jump in.

That being said, our iPro Academy 2 bonus is worth well over $1500 and will help you in your journey to becoming successful at running paid traffic and at internet marketing.




You can purchase iPro Academy 2.0 either as a one time payment or through a 4-pay payment plan.

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Straight To Order Page With 4-Pay


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2. Purchase iPro Academy 2.0. Click here!

3. After completing the transaction, email us your transaction receipt number in order to claim your bonuses (hello@thesavvymarketer.net).


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