What Exactly Should You Sell To Make Money?

Discover What To Sell To Make Money Online.

It is a well known fact that the internet is literally overflowing with money making opportunities. However, marketers often ponder over the big question – what to sell to make money online? The answer is – anything and everything. Yes, you heard that right – with the right branding and marketing skills, you can sell absolutely anything, both on and offline. Surely you must have heard the story of Gary Dahl. This ingenious entrepreneur made a fortune by selling 1.5 million rocks. Gary often overheard people complaining that their pets were causing them trouble. So he came up with the idea of selling low maintenance pet rocks for 4 dollars each. The fad only lasted for about six months – but that was more than enough for Dahl to become a millionaire! Unfortunately, most people do not possess the marketing gravitas that is required to sell rocks for a living. Hence, they need a more tangible service or product.


If you are wondering what to sell to make money, then that effectively means that you are in search of your niche. The best recommendation would be to look inside rather than outside. This means – go for a niche that you have a passion for. Your hobby can become your niche. This way, work will not feel arduous and tiring. It also helps a lot if you have at least moderate knowledge about your niche. If not, you must be prepared to do quite a bit of learning and research. Once you have found your niche, you can look up reliable services and products that are related to it and then recommend them in exchange for a commission. You can also create your own products but this can be challenging if you are a beginner. If at all you do decide to create a product, it is better to start with a digital product such an ebook, video series etc. This will save you the hassle of storage, managing inventory and shipping.


Always remember that there are a few evergreen markets in the world. Some examples are given below.

1) Romance: People go to extreme lengths to impress the opposite sex. Humans, like all other creatures on earth, are hardwired find healthy mates and to procreate. Hence, love and romance is a highly profitable market. You do not have to focus solely on dating – you can tackle anything that is romance related. Popular examples include – parenting, grooming and fashion, relationship advice and so on.

2) Health: People are constantly searching the web for health tips, home remedies, natural cures etc. Fitness, nutrition and alternative health are all very lucrative niches.

3) Wealth: The world is driven by the need to earn more. Economic turmoil has caused people to turn to the internet for a source of income. Investments, insurance, currency exchange, stocks, marketing, sales etc. are popular subjects in this market.


The 3 markets mentioned above are highly competitive. You need to position yourself uniquely if you want to carve out a share for yourself. For example: There are hundreds of websites that feature information on common ailments such as diabetes. However, most of them talk about general things like the importance of exercise, proper medication etc. If you want to set yourself apart from all the other websites, you should talk about the little known aspects of diabetes. These include – the efficacy of ketogenic diets in controlling and reversing diabetes, side effects of medicines, natural remedies, meditation etc. You have to find a different angle and put your own spin on a particular topic.


People seek to get away from their stressful lives and mundane routines. Hence, they spend quite a bit on hobbies and entertainment. Products and services that are related to these two markets usually sell very well. Examples include video games, online casinos, video streaming services, video downloading and recording software, electronic gadgets such as smart phones and tablets etc.

Reading, fishing, gardening, travelling, listening to music, watching TV, sports, camping, entertaining, cars, motorcycles, shopping and exercising are some of the most popular activities in the world. Now that is some food for thought!

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