The Rich Jerk Review

The Rich Jerk Review And Bonus.


Product Name: The Rich Jerk
Creator: The Rich Jerk
Price: $297  – one time fee (increases to $497 on 8th October)
Upsells: Bi-weekly group coaching – $197/mo, RJ Gold Software – $997
Downsells: Monthly group coaching – $97/mo
Date of Launch: October 1st 2015
Rating: 5 Stars – Top rating from us!
Official Website:

Who is The Rich Jerk? What is the training all about?

Exactly 10 years ago, a crazy character burst onto the internet marketing scene and shook up the entire industry. He was offensive, obnoxious, and his style was very in-your-face. Yet at the same time he never revealed his name, and his face was always partially covered. But the most interesting thing was… Despite his obnoxious personality, and his odd approach, his methods for making money online were actually brilliant, and got rave reviews.

So much so, that over 100,000 people bought his infamous e-book before he took it offline and disappeared. He was known only as “The Rich Jerk

the rich jerk reviewHe shot to fame out of nowhere and became the # 1 seller on Clickbank for 3 years. He was interviewed on TV shows like Extra, E! Entertainment’s Talk Soup, KTLA News (WB), and he even made an appearance on the Howard Stern show. He was spotted on the red carpet with people like Avril Lavigne, Vivica A Fox, and more. He even rented out the Playboy Mansion, basically he was everywhere.

Then in 2008, he vanished.

Rumors spread, forums went crazy, and people were left scratching their heads. Some people said he died. Some said he was a myth (not even a real person). Some said he went bankrupt. Others said he retired with millions and rode off into the sunset. The fact is, very few people know what happened.

All I can tell you is one thing: HE’S BACK. (and crazier than ever)

Not only is he back, but as you will see in his latest video, he has joined forces with several “interesting” characters…

Dennis Rodman, Gary Busey, and Ron Jeremy just to name a few. (Check out the Gary Busey video below)


Rich Jerk 2.0 Course Overview

Part 1 – Ninja SEO Strategies

  • Newbies will be up and running with a profitable website in no time, WITHOUT any prior SEO knowledge – even if you have no idea how to make a website. It takes just 15 minutes to get started and is broken down into simple step by step instructions that even my autistic nephew can understand.
  • Quickly skip ahead to Module 4 (aka the secret sauce) if you already make over $10k per month. Be prepared to have a brain-gasm because experienced SEO’s will instantly go “next level”. If you can’t hit 6 figures a month with this, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  • An outside-the-box approach that has netted 7 figures and worked for over 2 years, up to and including present day.
  • This ridiculously brilliant approach easily survives all Google updates. In fact Google LOVES this otherwise-unknown strategy.
  • Two multi-6 figure LIVE case study sites are shared with over 4,000 keyword rankings.
  • This method has NEVER been shared publicly.
  • 24/7 support is provided for any of your stupid questions.

Part 2 – Facebook Marketing

  • Even the most experienced Facebook gurus have no clue when it comes to what is shared here.
  • Mega profits in weird niches (like insects), in a matter of minutes.
  • This is not selling t-shirts, or anything you have ever seen.
  • From beginner level to expert, everything is covered from A to Z.
  • Beta testers of this method have gone from zero to $28,000 per month. This is life-changing.
  • You may end up with an unruly beard that smells of old milk, while wearing a poop-stained wife-beater, cruising around in your Ferrari.

Part 3 – Launch Jacking

  • This down & dirty method results in instant sales & cash with an ugly website that a 6 year old could build.
  • Case studies show the unfair advantage in action, resulting in a top 5 finish for multiple product launches for guys like Eben Pagan, Dan Kennedy and Brendon Burchard.
  • If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter – This is the quickest way to make big money online – period.
  • Results in as little as 3 days, allowing you to buy all of the Chinese food that you’ve ever dreamed of.

Part 4 – Everything Else Awesome

  • Some of the smartest people I know, revealing little-known golden nuggets that haven’t been shared elsewhere for less than $10,000
  • How to crush it on Amazon, from a guy doing over $10 million/year.
  • Kick-ass email secrets for building a list of rabid buyers in any niche.

The Rich Jerk Review

In case you are still wondering, Rich Jerk’s obnoxious portrayal is of course part of his marketing strategy and one that is highly effective. Whether you love it or hate it, it is definitely intriguing. One thing is for sure is that he certainly knows what he is talking about. RJ has made a ton of money through affiliate marketing and the strategies he teaches in his course are sound. You WILL make money if you implement exactly what he teaches. It is not a get rich quick program (there is no such thing anyway) and requires you to put in hard work, but if you do, you can certainly make a very good online income with what is taught in Rich Jerk 2.0. The course covers every aspect of affiliate marketing, so there is no excuse not to make money. It is jam packed with great information and strategies to get you from zero to literally millions. Check out this testimonial by Adeel Chowdhry:



The Rich Jerk Review

Final Verdict

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the Rich Jerk review and hope you can see that this is an one of a kind program, that we would strongly endorse. RJ definitely is a marketer to follow and watch as he knows how to make serious cash. If making tons of money is your thing, being taught by Rich Jerk would mean learning from the very best.

No other marketer can both encourage and grate on you at the same time as Rich Jerk does… you’ll end up loving him for it

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