Smart Marketing Ideas For The Up-And-Coming Webpreneur

Get Ahead With These Smart Marketing Ideas.

There’s no denying that the internet has changed almost every aspect our lives, and modern-day marketing is no exception. Almost all smart marketing ideas, emerging today, revolve around an online-based platform. The explanation for the rising popularity and success of Internet-based marketing has been tied to the multifaceted, affordable and efficient nature that the World Wide Web has developed to be.

Besides that, bear in mind that over 80% of the one billion plus people surfing the internet at any given time are either looking to buy or sell a product/service. This makes it a thriving marketing medium, which has the potential to convert leads and links to potential loyal customers.

Here’s a quick primer on some on the smart marketing ideas, and online advertising tips you can use to grow your enterprise.

1) Create social media profiles

Does your company has a Facebook page? Do you have a Twitter handle that you can use to bolster your brand reputation across the #hashtag community? Are you using Linked-In to direct traffic back to your personal website?

It’s estimated that over 79% of online flux emanates from the social media sites. It is not surprising considering that there is a little over a billion active Facebook users and a 100 million ‘Instagrammers’ today. Which means anything you post on such gigantic platforms is bound to be read or browsed into. Some of the most successful businesses and firms today owe their success to social media sites that have enabled them reach clients outside their geographical boundaries.

When you couple the mind-boggling population of people on social media, with intuitive features such as ‘share’ and ‘like’, then you have yourself an incredibly accessible and affordable tool to market your business.

2) Create videos featuring your business

When was the last time you read a 5000-word eBook? You probably can’t remember. There’s no doubt that a majority of people today are less likely, to read or internalize on written word. That’s the reason it’s advisable to expand your marketing wings to include other ‘friendlier’ advertising strategies. Also, remember that the current generation has the reputation of having a very limited concentration span. In fact, experts say that you have just 5 seconds to make an impression on a first-time visitor to your site. In this time, the visitor will decide whether or not to bookmark your site and share it with their friends.

That said, short videos are an exceptional way of engaging and grabbing the attention of your visitors. The icing on the cake is that you can upload your promotional videos on user-generated sites such as YouTube to reach even a wider customer base. In short, if you want to easily talk someone into buying your product or using your service, make a creative, engaging video about it.

3) Invest in articles and useful blogs revolving around your product or service

In as much as many people may not have the time to read all your articles, blogging remains an unrivaled way of claiming an undeniable presence in search engines rankings in Google and Bing. This is where polishing your SEO skills comes in handy. At the same time, creating useful content is still an excellent way of connecting with users looking for more in-depth information. Again, sometimes it may not be feasible to create videos featuring each and every aspect of your business. Then, you have to rely on written content to sell your product to the online world.

On that note, instead of creating content that exclusively markets or talks about your services, try the less direct approach of writing useful but generic content with backlinks leading back to your main web page. This way, readers will feel less compelled to buy/use your product, which adds a more a natural appeal to your site. However, if the articles or content if engaging enough, there will be no stopping them from reaching out to you for more.

4) Create a distinctive business feature

Establish a feature or attribute that will make you stand out from the competitive and congested online realm. It should be something that your customers can positively associate with your service. For example, you may decide to give out freebies to all first-time subscribers to your YouTube channel or the first 50 people to share your Facebook status. Sooner or later you will claim such a prominent or distinguished presence that marketing any of your services/products will become a walk in the park.

Bottom line.

It’s a competitive world, thinking out of the box is not an option.


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