How To Do Internet Marketing From Home

Internet marketing offers a unique opportunity to make a substantial amount of money without even leaving your house. It helps you to achieve that elusive balance between work and family. You do not have to commute to work, and hence you do not have to negotiate rush hour traffic. You can spend this extra time doing the things you love. You can take a vacation whenever you want. You are not answerable to anybody except yourself. If you persevere, you will gain control over your finances, your relationships and your life. However, internet marketing is a challenging profession and without proper guidance, you will almost definitely fail. So here are some tried and tested mantras for how to do internet marketing from home – the right way!

1) Find a good mentor:

This is absolutely indispensable if you are even remotely serious about venturing into IM. Without a proper mentor, you will spend years in the trial and error phase and will have to learn things the hard way. Trying to be an internet marketer without a proper mentor is like trying to learn to drive a car without an instructor. Sure, you can learn about some concepts from Wikipedia but nothing can replace a real instructor.

The internet is literally overflowing with poor people who try to teach others how to make money online. These people are out to make a quick buck and have no clue regarding how to do internet marketing from home! So choose a mentor wisely – see if he can verify his/her claims. Also, do not be swayed by promises of incredible results within just a week. The laws of the universe dictate that you cannot build a 300,000 dollars per year business by working for just 30 minutes a day! A good mentor is one who is not afraid to tell you the truth and is available to answer your questions.

2) When you find a good thing, stick with it:

Many people fail miserably at internet marketing because they constantly keep chasing everything that catches their attention. They dabble in eBay marketing for a couple of weeks, then they hear that a friend made some quick cash through Facebook marketing. So they simply ignore their eBay project and invest in Facebook. A week later, they read that email marketing is awesome and lucrative. Immediately, they forget all about Facebook and pursue email marketing for a while; before moving on to YouTube and so on! They listen to one guy’s advise and try to implement it. The next day they read about this new internet guru and spend hours on his website. A couple of days later, they become inspired by this single mom who made a million dollars working from home!

This kind of haphazard approach will get you nowhere. When you decide to work on something or with somebody, commit to it wholeheartedly. There is no point in being an artist whose studio is full of many unfinished masterpieces!

3) Be extremely disciplined:

At a job, you have a boss who makes sure that you remain punctual and efficient. However, in internet marketing – you are your own boss. This sounds like fun it also means that you have to shoulder more responsibilities. The hardest and perhaps the most ignored aspect of working from home is self discipline. Understand that things will be difficult in the beginning. You will have to learn about new concepts and make crucial decisions. There will be nobody to look up to – your mentor will not spoon-feed you everything. Ultimately, you will have to figure out many things on your own. You will have to constantly reinvent your strategies and diversify your income streams. You will have to be creative and find ways to increase traffic. You will have to out-think the competition. All this is impossible to accomplish without extreme self discipline and persistence.

You will encounter many websites that feature idiotic, nonsensical income calculators. You type in the number of hours you are willing to put in and the program calculates your estimated earnings. This is total gibberish! Your earnings depend upon a lot of factors such as your niche, knowledge, product etc. You will have to work relentlessly for a few months before you begin to live the highly coveted ‘passive income lifestyle’.

Always remember the 3 aspects described above – good mentoring, commitment and extreme self discipline!


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