Dark Post Profits 3.0 Review & Bonus

Dark Post Profits 3.0 Review And Bonus – Become A Facebook Marketing Expert.


Product Name: Dark Post Profits 3.0
Creator: Chris Record
Price: TBA
Date of Launch: February 2016
Rating: Top Marks! Highly recommended
Official Website: DarkPostProfits3.com

What is Chris Record’s Dark Post Profits 3.0 course about? Is it really worth it? Keep reading our Dark Post Profits 3.0 review to find out.

Firstly, thanks for visiting our site to check out our Dark Post Profits 3.0 review. If you have never heard of Dark Post Profits (DPP), then this review should not only help you to understand what it is all about, but will also help you make an informed decision as to whether or not it can help you in your business and with your Facebook marketing endeavors.

Who is Chris Record?

chris recordIf you don’t already know about Chris, let me tell you that Chris Record is a well known and trusted marketer and he is the founder of Internet Marketing Bar. He generates millions of dollars online every year and teaches hundreds of thousands of students all over the world how to do the same. He has released several courses and marketing tools over the years, 8k Per Day Formula, Speedblogging and Smart Member to name a few.

The original Dark Post Profits course was launched way back in 2014 and was an instant hit within the internet marketing community. It helped to establish Chris Record as one of the top online marketers. Since then, Chris has gone on to create an updated version of his original course (called Dark Post Profits 2.0) in 2015 and now is set to release his brand new course for 2016, Dark Post Profits 3.0. To sum it up in a nutshell, Dark Post Profits 3.0 teaches you all the ins and outs of Facebook marketing, allowing you to go from complete newbie to advanced in a very short space of time. Chris teaches you how to create all types of ads, which ones to use and when and also when and how to scale. He also teaches you about re-targeting and video ads (this is definitely going to be BIG in 2016).


Here’s what you will get with Dark Post Profits 3.0:

  • Watch over 25 hrs (100 modules +) of video training – very easy to follow
  • Downloadable audio version of the entire course
  • Access to over 10,000 Facebook ad examples
  • Access to the custom Dark Posts software to manage your Facebook comments
  • Watch Chris interview several 6 and 7 figure earners
  • The chance to see testimonials from others who have already had massive success with Chris Record

Here is some further information on some of the software included with DPP 3.0:

Page Manager:

dark post profits page manager

With this tool you can connect your Facebook account and pull in all the information from the various page you own so that you can easily manage them all from one smart dashboard. This software works using Facebook’s API so is completely compliant.


Facebook Comments Manager

dark post profits comment manager

When you are managing several pages, monitoring all the comments on all your posts can quickly become overwhelming. The comments manager tool allows you to easily sort comments, from every post, on every page you own from one place. This saves a HUGE amount of time.


Facebook Comments Analysis

dark post profits comment analysis

The comment analysis tool quickly looks at all your latest comments and detects whether a comment is negative (they show up red), positive (they are green) or neutral. This is especially useful when you are running advertisements as, very often, negative comments can cost you in customers and sales if they are not removed.


Facebook Ads Database

dark post profits ads database

This tool is brilliant. With the Facebook ads database, you can search through literally thousands of ads in your niche to see what your competitors are running. You can then not only see the ad design and copy, but the entire sales funnel. This means you can really drill down and find out exactly what is working in your niche.


So, who is Dark Post Profits 3.0 for?

Video Marketers

SEOs and Bloggers

TShirt Sellers

eCommerce Sellers

Affiliate Marketers

Network Marketers

Coaches & Authors

Local Business Marketers

Although we have early access to the Dark Post Profits 3.0 members area (see screenshot below), the entire course is not fully accessible yet, but as soon as it is, we will post further information here.

dark post profits 3.0

Dark Post Profits 3.0 Closes In:


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Final points

Thank you for taking the time to read our Dark Post Profits 3.0 review, we hope it helps you decide whether this program is for you and to sweeten the deal, we have put together an exclusive Dark Post Profits 3.0 bonus for our readers. Check it out below.

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Dark Post Profits 3.0 Bonus

dark post profits 3.0 bonus
In total our Dark Post Profits 3.0 bonus is worth well over $1500 and all of the products have been carefully chosen to ensure you get the best chance to build a successful online business through social media marketing (Facebook in particular).

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