3 Reasons You Need CPA Evolution 2.0 – CPA Evolution 2 Review & Bonus

CPA Evolution 2 Review And Bonus – Learn How To Make Money With CPA by William Souza.


Product Name: CPA Evolution 2.0
Creator: William Souza
Price: $297
Upsell: $497
Downsell: $97
Date of Launch: December 10th 2015
Rating: 5 Stars!
Official Website: CPAEvolution2.0.com

What is CPA Evolution 2.0 about? Is it really worth it? Keep reading our CPA Evolution 2.0 review to find out.

Firstly, let me say that CPA Evolution 2.0 is the latest product from William Souza. Previously William released a product called CPA Evolution, but that was some time ago and some of the information in the original program is now out of date hence he created CPA Evolution 2.


CPA Evolution 2.0 Review Video

Who is William Souza?

william_souzaIf you haven’t heard of William Souza, then you should know that he is a very successful CPA marketer, making six figures per month with CPA. He has been doing this consistently for years now, so if you really want to know how to make a very good income doing CPA marketing, then you would be learning from one of the best with William. The techniques and methods William teaches in his training program are the exact same that he uses NOW to generate his own income, so you will not be taught out of date methods that don’t work by some fake ‘guru’ looking to make a quick buck.


Here’s what you will get in this course:

When you purchase the front end product, all students get access to the complete training program which includes several videos, case studies, members only forum and access to William’s CPA Evolution software tools. I will break it down for you further:

The Training Videos:

When you login to the dashboard, you will see a welcome video which gives an overview of the course and explains how you should use the training videos. There are four different ways you can use this course by following a set blueprint. It is highly recommended that you choose a blueprint to follow and stick to it to get the best out of the program.


This blueprint is best for people who want to get started with CPA but have a tight budget to work to. This will teach you how to get started with free traffic, making a steady,consistent income and then show you how to reinvest it to make more money.

BLUEPRINT 2 – Taking It To The Next Level

This blueprint is for people who are already making some money with CPA but want to learn advanced strategies in order to get to that next level.

BLUEPRINT 3 – Cracking The Code

This blueprint is best for people who already have some knowledge of CPA, have run campaigns in the past but still need to learn how to ‘crack’ the CPA code. It will help you to get stated using simple strategies so that you can get profitable and then scale.

BLUEPRINT 4 – Running Against Time

This is the best blueprint to use if you are short on time and want to get making money as quickly as possible. You will learn how to use paid advertising methods which have the shortest learning curve so that you can be profitable quickly.

The other modules:
  1. Introbanner 3
  2. Social
  3. Media Buys
  4. Mobile
  5. Free Traffic
  6. Extras
  7. Tech
  8. Resources
  9. Forum

The Software Tools:

Easy Landing Page Creation Software – With this software you can easily and quickly create proven landing pages to drive traffic to your offers. No need to worry about hosting, coding or even buying domains. You simply choose the template you want, edit it and it’s ready to use!

Easy Banner Ad Creation Software – You don’t need to have Photoshop skills or hire a designer to create awesome banner ads. Simply choose your niche and a template, edit it and you’re good to go. All the preloaded designs are finished to a professional level and come in a variety of sizes. All you need to do is make it your own, save and then download it to use in your campaigns.

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CPA Evolution 2.0 Accelerated (UpSell – $497)

The Accelerated version of CPA Evolution 2 is the one to get if you are looking to achieve results quickly. With this package you will get access to William Souza’s actual campaigns so that you can use them to build out your own campaigns. You will also get access to live webinars as well as Skype support and additional content which is exclusive to Accelerated members.

CPA Evolution 2.0 Accelerated Lite (DownSell – $97)

If you cannot get the full Accelerated program, but still want to be able to speed up your success, then the Accelerated Lite version is for you. Although you will not get access to the live webinars or to the dedicated Skype support, you will still be able to take a peek at some of William’s campaigns which is definitely worth the $97.

Neither the Upsell or Downsell is essential to make money with the CPA Evolution program, but will help you achieve much quicker results if that is important to you.

Final points

This is a highly recommended and anticipated course. You have probably heard something about it, that’s why you ended up here, but it’s not just hype. William is a top CPA marketer and has developed a plan and strategy for making money online with CPA that can be duplicated by anyone. He has been doing this type of marketing for years and has had consistent results which proves he know exactly what he is doing. If you follow his instruction, even as a newbie, you will make money.

It is difficult to do CPA marketing if you have no idea where to start but by following a proven path to success, you can learn the steps quickly and avoid many of the pitfalls that others encounter.

I hope this CPA Evolution 2.0 review has actually assisted in your decision process. CPA is definitely an exciting marketing model and one that you can make a lot of money quickly with, but in the same way, you can waste a lot of money in the beginning if you don’t know what you’re doing so I would always advise you learn from someone already successfully implementing the business model you wish to follow. William Souza is one of the best!

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Now you’ve read our CPA Evolution 2.0 review, check out our exclusive CPA Evolution 2 bonus for The Savvy Marketer readers when you purchase through our link.


CPA Evolution 2.0 Bonus

Bonus 1 – CPA Marketing Excellence

Bonus 2 –  Facebook Marketing Excellence

Bonus 3 – Twitter Marketing Excellence

Bonus 4 – LinkedIn Marketing Excellence

Bonus 5 – Instagram Marketing Excellence

Bonus 6 – Pinterest Marketing Excellence

Bonus 7 – Stock Photo Rush

Bonus 8 – Video Marketing Excellence

Bonus 9 – Niche Authority

Bonus 10 – Affiliate Marketing Primer


In its entirety, our bonuses are worth over $1599 and they are all products that you will be able to utilize and will enhance your experience with CPA Evolution 2.0. We have carefully selected what we believe are appropriate and considered bonuses as too often, many people put no thought behind the bonuses and, as a result, they do not get used.

We truly believe this is a fantastic product and if you are interested in learning how to do CPA marketing, then we suggest you jump on board. There’s absolutely no risk to try the CPA Evolution 2 program for 30 days!

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p.s – If for any reason you do not receive your bonus when you purchase CPA Evolution through our link, please send an email to hello@thesavvymarketer.net and we will get that straightened out for you 🙂

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