Connect Leads Review & Bonus

Connect Leads Review And Bonus.


Product Name: ConnectLeads
Creator: Wilco de Kreij
Price: $197 lifetime, $97/year or $27/month
Date of Launch: December 4th 2015
Rating: 5 Stars – 100% Recommended
Official Website:

What is Connect Leads? Is it really worth it? We discus this in our Connect Leads Review.

wilco de kreijThanks for stopping by our Connect Leads review. Firstly, let me tell you about the creator of Connect Leads, Wilco de Kreij. You may not know who Wilco is, but you have probably heard of some of his products. He is known for creating excellent quality internet marketing software and tools that increase productivity, traffic and ultimately, sales. Earlier this year Wilco released one of his biggest products to date and that was UpViral, an amazing viral marketing tool . UpViral lets you create viral referral marketing campaigns by allowing your customers or subscribers to promote your business for you (check out our full UpViral review) but what if you don’t have a list of subscribers? That is where ConnectLeads comes in.

So What Does Connect Leads Do?

Continue reading our Connect Leads review to learn more on this product or, if you prefer, click to go straight to the official Connect Leads website. Recently Facebook introduced a new advertising type, lead ads, which allows the advertiser to collect email subscribers inside of Facebook in a single tab. This makes it now easier than ever to build a list directly from Facebook. The best part is, Facebook even pre-fills the information you want to collect including the subscribers verified email address. The problem is that just using Facebook lead ads alone, you cannot extract your subscribers information to use off Facebook. There is no way to sync it with your current autoresponder in order to correspond with your list in other ways – until ConnectLeads. With Connect Leads, you can easily connect your Facebook lead ads to any autoresponder and/or to your CRM system and submit all your leads to your email marketing software in real time!

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How does ConnectLeads work?

Connect Leads is a cloud based platform which integrates with your favorite autoresponders to so that when someone clicks on your Facebook lead ad and submits their information, it is delivered to your email marketing system in real time. The process works as follows – You set up your Facebook lead ad (choose your audience etc) and when your post is clicked on, an overlay tab appears with info already filled in directly from Facebooks API so all the user has to do is press one button to submit that information. Facebook even pre-fills information like job titles, company names, relationship statuses and more, making the leads much more valuable than before. That lead is then sent straight to your autoresponder (you can even choose the list you want the user to subscribe to).The image below shows a very quick demonstration of how the Connect Leads platform works.


ConnectLeads Demo
Here are a few more reasons we think Connect Leads is a great investment for your business:


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ConnectLeads UpSells

ConnectAudience – $197/year or $297 lifetime

If you are planning on getting just one of the upsells, then we definietly recommend this one! ConnectAudience could be a MAJOR product in it’s own right as it is that good! This product works off Facebook’s API (the same as Connect Leads), which means, through ConnectAudience, you can now hook up your autoresponder straight to your Facebook Ad’s account so that you can run CUSTOM Facebook Adverts. In effect, ConnectAudience is the first email retargeting app.

You can go into deep details such as:

  • Which of your subscribers on Facebook have bought from you in the past
  • Which of your subscribers also on Facebook open up your emails the most
  • Which subscribers using Facebook bought a particular product and also what products they bought from you in the past
  • Which subscribers also on Facebook clicked a particular link or even opened a particular email you sent

With this you can promote to your list DAILY and it won’t be seen as spammy. Every time they log into Facebook they will see your ads in the right hand side reminding them to visit your site keeping your business top of mind. ConnectAudience gives you the power to promote your business via email and again when the user logs in to their Facebook account.

It is estimated that the average Facebook user logs in up to 10x a day! That’s at least 10 times a day you can promote your brands message to your customers! When you combine the power of Connect Leads with Connect Audience, you can build a huge, highly targeted email list (inexpensively) and then remarket to them over and over for a matter of cents per subscriber rather than dollars. This is extremely powerful.

Upviral – $47/month or $197/year

Earlier in the year Wilco released UpViral as a stand alone product. Essentially, UpViral is a platform that lets you create viral referral marketing campaigns by allowing your customers or subscribers to promote your business for you. You can create an army of hungry fans willing or even begging to share your site to their friends for points that they can collect in order to unlock a free gift. In beta testing, using UpViral, people shared the links etc on average 2.5 times which means you can get over 2 times the amount of traffic, optins and sales from the same advertising spend (when using paid traffic). We said it at the time, and we truly believe UpViral is a fantastic product, one that we highly recommend, so if you can get this one – get it. You can check out our full UpViral review here.


Our ConnectLeads Review Final Verdict

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Connect Leads review and hope you can see that this is one of a kind product and is cutting edge in terms of how it integrates with Facebook. ConnectLeads automatically submits all leads real-time into any autoresponder – making this the tool every social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) marketer particularly Facebook advertiser & business owner is waiting for. It is definitely a product that will help you to build a huge list and for a fraction of what it would normally cost. Wilco always creates high end products and this one is no different. I really couldn’t recommend this enough!

So, if you’re serious about building your list of subscribers, then you seriously need this! This is completely unique product, you won’t find anything like this anywhere… at any price! And speaking of the price, it’s currently available for a deep introductory discount, but you gotta move fast!

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