Your Guide To Marketing on the Internet – The one thing that really works!

Beginners Guide To Marketing On The Internet.

Internet marketing is a bit of an enigma – especially for beginners. You do not learn about it in school or college. There is no set rule or formula for success at IM, everybody has their own techniques and strategies. And even though there is a lot of information on internet marketing on google; most of it is obsolete, confusing and contradictory. Moreover, the info is biased as everybody is either trying to sell you something or persuading you to join some useless get-rich-quick scheme.

This article will serve as your guide to marketing on the internet and you will learn about the most important that every internet marketer should know.

Understand that – traffic or people = money. More people = more money.

As an internet marketer, your sole focus should be upon reaching out to the maximum number of people. Here is a real world analogy. Imagine that you want to set up a restaurant. It makes no sense if your restaurant is located in the middle of the desert as there are no people around. Even if you make the most delicious food in the world, you will not make any money if you don’t get visitors. Hence, your restaurant needs to be located on a busy street with lots of people and potential customers.

In the realm of the internet, your cafe is equivalent to your website (or blog or channel) and the first three pages of Google are the busy streets. If your website does not show up in the first three pages of Google for a specific set of keywords in your niche, you will have a hard time making any money.

So how to get on the first three pages of Google? Well, it is not an overnight process. But here are some tips that will help you get there.

1) It all starts will great content:

Nobody will ever come into your restaurant is the food is bad. Even worse, they will tell their friends to avoid your place. Likewise, if you ever hope of making it big online, your content should be nothing short of phenomenal! There is absolutely no place for mediocrity on the first three pages of Google. The competition is simply too stiff.

When you are creating content for a certain keyword, Google it and look at the top results. Your content should be more informative, more up to date, better researched, more entertaining and easier to understand than the content that is featured in the top results of search engines. It’s also a good idea to repurpose content so that it reaches a wider audience. Some people like text, others like videos. Some prefer podcasts, others are more into webinars. Everybody likes free stuff – so how about creating free eBooks and reports? As an internet marketer, you should always endeavor to make yourself valuable to others. This is the only way to make money – both online and offline!

2) People need to talk about you:

Continuing with the restaurant example – if your food is good, people will talk about it. As a result, more people will learn about your restaurant – you will have more visitors and ultimately, you will make more money! How do people talk about stuff on the internet? By liking, sharing, following and subscribing. You need to get people to like, share, follow and subscribe – this way, they will visit your restaurant (website) more than once and you will generate repeat business.

3) You need more visibility:

As a restaurant owner you would want to be featured in popular magazines so that more people read about what you do and visit your establishment. Similarly, your website needs more exposure. And what better way to gain exposure than to have multiple back-links on other high ranking websites? This does not come easy – but you can start by guest posting and answering questions on popular forums.

If you forget everything else from this mini-guide to marketing on the internet, just remember this: IM is all about momentum. It all starts with good content, repeat business and SEO. Soon people start talking and Google takes notice. Things can be frustrating during the initial few months, even years but keep at it and you will eventually see results.


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