7 Easy Ways To Repurpose Content – What I learned From JLo

Simple Ways To Repurpose Content On Your Blog.

As an internet marketer, it’s difficult to come up with fresh, original content every single day, but the truth is you don’t have to. Instead, you should focus on repurposing the content that you have already created so that it appeals to a larger number of people. Here is an example to help you understand what I mean better. Remember the song Lambada by Kaoma? Sure you do; it is one of the most popular and easily recognizable songs of the 80s. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull made a newer, more modern of the same song (On the floor) and it became an instant hit. The old tune suddenly became immensely popular with the younger generation and J Lo and Pitbull made a truckload of money – the song has over 800 million hits on YouTube!

Repurposing content helps to reinforce your original message and aids in targeting a keyword more efficiently. When your content is viewed by a larger number of people, you can generate more leads and make more sales. Last but not the least, repurposing content enables you to boost your authority in your niche and it breathes new life into your evergreen content. There are innumerable benefits to repurposing content – the list could run into multiple pages!

Here are seven easy ways to repurpose content for internet marketing.

1) Guest post:

Many people make the mistake of trying to do everything all alone. Intenet marketing is way easier and a lot more fun if you collaborate with other bloggers/webmasters. Guest posting is an awesome way of reaching out to new people and funnelling in more targeted traffic to your own blog or traffic. Many successful internet markets actually write more for others blogs and website than they do for their own. This helps them to maintain a constant inflow of new visitors.

2) Make a video:

At the moment, prose is the most powerful means of communication on the internet. However, trends are changing and many people now prefer watching videos to reading. Videos are more comprehensive and more entertaining. It is highly probable that in a few years, school kids will learn about science, geography, history etc. just by watching videos! Videos are the future and hence it is foolish to ignore them. Making videos is also a lot more fun than typing words. So keep track of your most popular content and make videos about it. It is ridiculously easy to start a Youtube channel.

3) Start a podcast:

Podcasts are an alternative to videos. People can listen to them on the go – in metros, buses, while walking , working out etc.

4) Post your message as a (success) story:

Stories are the perfect way of imprinting your message onto the minds of people. Stories draw people in and get the message across in an entertaining way. Surely, you know the story about the hare and the tortoise. You probably heard or read this story several years ago and yet you remember it even today! More importantly, you remember the moral of the story – slow and steady always wins in the long run. If you were just told the moral, you would have not paid attention to it and forgotten it almost immediately. However, the message had a lot more impact on you because it was presented in a story format. Any piece of boring content can be made much more exciting if it is narrated as a story.

5) Interviews:

These can be in prose or videos or even podcasts. Interviews enable you to address the most common queries, myths and misconceptions about your niche. You can have somebody interview you or interview an expert in your niche. If you do not know an expert, how about interviewing a person who has had a lot of success with your product. For example: Say you are active in the fitness niche. You can interview a person who has lost a lot of weight using your product.

6) Free report or eBook:

This is one of the most popular ways of repurposing content. You can send people free reports and ebooks in exchange for their email. This helps you to build a list of subscribers and if your report is even remotely decent and insightful, it makes you look very good in the eyes of people.

7) Post on social media:

The 4 most important social media platforms are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, you should not ignore other sites such as Quora, yahoo answers, forums etc.

The list mentioned above is in no way comprehensive. However, it is a good starting point. Other popular ways of repurposing content include webinars, email series, infographics, presentations and so on.


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